Recommended vendors for prospect emails?

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Recommended vendors for prospect emails?

Hi all,

Curious if anyone has a recommendation for data vendors that 'harvest' prospect emails. I've used the standard offenders (, Hoovers, etc.) but am curious if there are new, high quality providers I may be unaware of. Context: we have leads from a trade show that include ALL of their contact information (name, phone, title, company) but no email address. A marketer's dream, right?

Any tips are appreciated. Thanks for the help!

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Re: Recommended vendors for prospect emails?

Hi Jasmine Jackson-Irwin​,

You should move this discussion to products, that's where everyone can see this post.

I've worked with many of these companies, and heard good things about others. 

The Leader in Technographics | Datanyze

Market Intelligence Solutions - Sales and Marketing Intelligence Software Solutions - InsideView 

Hope that helps!