Re: Recommendations for Content AI Categories

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Recommendations for Content AI Categories

We are looking at creating Categories in Content AI (Predictive Content). I know every business is different, but does anyone have good recommendations for categories? Do you have any feedback on a good strategy for selecting categories? For example, is it better to stick to content types like Blog and Video or to create categories like B2B/B2C, [description] Industry, or [description] product.

From what I understand, you cannot say that a content piece is part of Category A AND Category B (only part of Category A OR Category B), so I'm thinking it's best to keep this simple.

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Re: Recommendations for Content AI Categories

I use categories to group similar content, whether that is type or theme; you can tag something multiple times, it just comes down to how you call it on your site or email -- so, for example, I would create tags for all 'webinars' then tags for themes like 'best practices' -- then when I implement the tag on the site, if that page is specific to webinars, I use the content tag; but if it's something specific to 'best practices' then I use that tag and allow any content type to show up. I tend to over-tag for this reason, and if you ever needed a 'double-tag' scenario you could create a tag that has both types as well. So you could have a "Best Practices - Webinar" tag if you wanted to use both. At that point the use-case becomes pretty open-ended, but I like to keep the end user in mind and keep the content as relevant as possible.

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Re: Recommendations for Content AI Categories

It's purposefully open to create any category, so flexible to accommodate many options. The best cases I have seen are for product, solution types, Content resource types (like blog, video, PR), language (English, Spanish), Stage of Funnel (Top, Middle, Bottom).

Hope this helps!