Re: Anyone using the Marketo/ON24 integration?

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Re: Anyone using the Marketo/ON24 integration?

We just started using it for Virtual Events but we are using the main webinar tool not the Virtual environment. 


What are the best practices to set up ON24 for a multi session event?

  • If you have an event with 8 sessions, it seems the preferred option is to create 8 webinars in ON24 and 8 Marketo programs. This is to ensure we know who is attending each session.  
  • Register people via our own landing page instead of the multi-reg option of On24 as it can't pass back the info by event for attending and no shows. It will all be one event
  • Since ON24 can only pass back 5 fields (FN,LN, Company, job title, email) with Marketo, we need to look at custom objects for all other fields. Any suggestions on best practice here?
  • Do you think  putting all 8 events into an engagement program make sense?
    • The idea would be to have all emails comms in one place with all sub programs
    • Easier also to create overall metrics

Any other suggestions, please let us know. Thanks a lot. Axel


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Re: Anyone using the Marketo/ON24 integration?

Hi Axel,


We just started using the VE part of ON24 and you're definitely on the right track.  Having the 8 sessions link up to the 8 separate Marketo programs is the way to go so you can get metrics on each session. I'd also recommend creating a smart campaign in the actual Virtual Event program in Marketo that listens to the 8 individual webinar program status change to also update your VE program.  If you're syncing this to a SFDC campaign, you'll be able to get the data of who attended the virtual event based on them attending one of the breakouts.  So if program status is changed to attended in one of the 8 sessions, change the program status in the VE program to attended.  What additional fields would you need the custom object for?