RCE Numbers Different than Smart List

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RCE Numbers Different than Smart List

I have Model Performance Analysis reports in RCE for MQLs created this quarter and filtered on Industry based on a Field Organizer. The report shows "In Flow" = 35 MQLs this quarter for a particular Industry however when I pull a Smart List for "Revenue Model Changed to MQL this quarter" and the same Industry I get 44 Leads. Why would it be so different? I know RCE updates nightly but this is not the issue as none became MQL today.

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Re: RCE Numbers Different than Smart List

Are you stamping the MQL Date? You might check that.

Remember that smart lists are what's going on that second. RCE is historical and based on the model.

Are you sure that the filters are looking at the exact same thing in either system. I believe the RCE Model Analysis looks at Stage as well as Created date of the lead, so make sure these are the same.

In Flow means the lead came into that Stage, from any other stage during the time period. This may not be analogous to Revenue Stage Was Changed.