"contains" vs. "starts with" filters

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"contains" vs. "starts with" filters


The starts with criteria is self-explanatory, but I'm wondering if the contains criteria is looking for the string in the entire field value. Example below...

"IBU-BBE" is always at the beginning of a program name (i.e. IBU-BBE_19039_None_ME_ES_Nurture_2017), never in the middle or anywhere else in the name.

Smart campaign filter is: Program Name not contains 'IBU-BBE'

If using not contains, will it recognize the string and exclude that program? Or do I need to use starts with?

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Re: "contains" vs. "starts with" filters

Contains is a superset of Starts With.

If the expression is always anchored at the beginning, use Starts With. This will also cut down on false positives where "ibu-bbe" accidentally appears elsewhere (remember, Marketo doesn't stop that string of characters from being in another position, it's on you to make it have special meaning).

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Re: "contains" vs. "starts with" filters

Hi Elise,

You're better off using 'Starts with', since the phrase is always at the beginning for your programs.

If you use Not contains, it will exclude all programs which has IBU-BBE in start/middle or end of the program name. (for example, 2017_IBU-BBE01_Autoreponse would be excluded too).