"Attendee List Unavailable"

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Re: "Attendee List Unavailable"

I haven't seen any change in my program that is having this issue. Has the fix been put into place? Do I need to do anything on my end (I already tried to refresh from marketo)?


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Re: "Attendee List Unavailable"

Hi Annemarie Folan​ & Jeff Smith​,

Please open up a case with Marketo if you are still experiencing issues with this and they should be able to help verify the status of the patch on your particular instance.

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Re: "Attendee List Unavailable"

A patch was applied to our instance this morning and has fixed the issue, so we now have a definitive attended and non-attendee list. Seems like it was a system bug, but the patch worked perfectly.

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Re: "Attendee List Unavailable"

I'm not seeing a change. Our last two webinars still only show registrants. I've refreshed from the webinar provider, but nothing happens. Is this something that we should just expect fixed moving forward, or will these fixes be retroactive?