"Already in database"

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"Already in database"


I need to send out an email with these requirements:


-Member of uploaded list

-Already in the database

What filter would I use?

Casey Muller
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Re: "Already in database"


If you create a smart list with the filter:

Member of List: List A (whatever the list name is)

The resulting People will be those members of the list and in your People Database. So you do not need an additional filter for being in the database since being a member of a list will mean they are already in your database.

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Re: "Already in database"

I think Casey means they were in the uploaded CSV but were merged into existing leads, not created by the list upload.

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Re: "Already in database"

Casey - If Sanford is right about what you meant then depending upon your let up you can add a filter that excludes people who were created by that list import. For example, ideally that list was part of a program and when the list was imported the Acquisition Program Name was populated by the name of that program. If so, the filter would be Acquisition Program is Not "Name of List Import Program." Again, depending on your setup, perhaps there's a Lead Source Detail field with the name of the list. If so, add a filter that excludes it (Lead Source Detail is "Not Name of List"). If neither of those things is in place (and they should be), then you can always use timing:

Not Person Was Created in past 1 hour, 3 hours, 4 days... whatever time period makes sense to nail down when you imported the list.