Question on field update

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Question on field update

Hi All,


I am planning to create a new field in Marketo that I want to use as a magic link token (which is used in unsubscribe URLs).

My idea is to have this field prepopulate based on another field.


New field = Token + Parameters (the parameters will only get populated when the token exists). I want the new field to only populate when the token field is not blank. That way I can use one unsubscribe URL for tokenized users and untokenized users.


For example: Untokenized URL/New field: If the new field is not populated, users will use the generic unsubscribe URL. If the new field is populated, it will be changed to the tokenized URL.


I initially thought of using a formula field, but it seems like Smart Campaign doesn't support it. I want to check if there is a way that I can replicate the same using string fields to replace formula fields.



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Re: Question on field update

Sounds like you should be using a Velocity token, but your requirements are too vague at this point.


Please give concrete examples of inputs/cases and the corresponding outputs. Then we can help you with the code.

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Re: Question on field update

I second Sandy! You sound a lot like you probably need velocity scripting- if A, then something, else something B. It’d certainly help if you share a couple of proper examples of the scenarios.