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I have taken over for a marketing director let go from our organization. we have a number of lists within marketo already created. i have created a new eblast and it is approved and ready to go. I can't figure out how to choose specific lists and actually send the blast. Please advise.
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You don't have to choose a specific list to send an email to. You can send an email based on certain criteria. For example, in the Smart List of a Smart Campaign drag in a Filter for Industry and select Apparel to send an email to all leads with Apparel in that field. Think of what all your leads have in common and enter that in the Smart List as best you can. Did they all fill out a form? If so, use the filter for "Filled Out Form." 
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If you have an existing Smart List or List, use Member of Smart List to select the existing list.

To send the email, it depends on how you set it up.

Program Email Blast - Schedule the campaign to go out a certain time. be sure to check the Counts!

Program Email Send (the mailbox) - make sure the Tiles are all checked and then press Schedule to set a time. Make sure your Smart List count looks right.