Program objects API

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Program objects API


I want to pull all the programs from Marketo and store in another system for reporting.

Following is what I want:

1. Pull all the existing programs from Marketo

2. Recurring job that will pull the delta i.e. new programs

3. Recurring job that will checkfor any update in any of the existing program. If it has changed then sync the changes.

I checked the below Marketo API and could not find suitable API to pull this information.

Marketo REST APIs: Program Objects » Marketo Developers

Let me if this is possible or there is a workaround to get this information. Appreciate your help.



Marketo Employee

Re: Program objects API

We currently don't provide APIs capable of providing new or updated program records.  To get all programs, you would want to iteratively call Browse Programs while incrementing the offset parameter by your batchsize.

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Re: Program objects API

Funny, I was just talking to a client about this missing functionality this afternoon.  You should open an Idea.