Re: Problem Creating Email Performance Reports

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Problem Creating Email Performance Reports

Hi all,

I want to create 2 email performance reports for two different types of email blast programs to be able to see which one was more successful.
Both the programs have different naming conventions, which can probably help me distinguish while creating reports.
One of the programs is referring to "sales insight" by using the filer " was sent sales email" while the other one is just a Marketo email blast program.
However when I try and adjust the filters in the smart lists of the reports, it gives me a whole chunk of emails belonging to other programs rather than just these 2.

For ex. I used the filer "Program status was changed"  in which I used Program "contains" & put in the keywords of the 1st email type program in the 1st report and followed the  same method for the 2nd one as well.

But I believe I am getting unecessary data in the reports because of the definition of a smart list.
Meaning it's pulling in the email performances of all the leads whose program statuses were changed for these 2 email blast programs for each respective report.

Is that so?

Also are there any suggestions on how I could achieve the results I need other than by manually selecting the emails in the "setup" tab within the "marketing activities emails"?

Secondly I realized that the reports are not tracking emails sent through sales insight.
ie. the first program is not being tracked at all.
Is there a way to track those?

Suggestions on either of the 2 issues would be very helpful.

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Re: Problem Creating Email Performance Reports

If you want them all in one report, then using the Marketing Activities filter is the way to go.  Is there a reason why this doesn't work for you?  You can also create a local asset email performance report inside your programs.

Sales Insight reporting is coming later this year!
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Re: Problem Creating Email Performance Reports

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for the response.
The Marketing Activities filter does work but it seemed really manual and I was trying to find a cleverer way to get the reports.