Re: Possible to Suppress SFDC Sync on Static List?

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Possible to Suppress SFDC Sync on Static List?

Does anyone know if it is possible to upload a static list to Marketo and suppress the SFDC sync on it without suppressing the SFDC sync globally?

I have a list I want to send a program to that I need to upload to Marketo. However, I would really like to suppress the SFDC sync for this list in particular (not globally) because otherwise it's going to create a lot of duplicate records in SFDC. The email addresses need to be updated in SFDC manually, but I don't have time before I need to kick this program out the door.

Thank you all in advance for your help!


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Re: Possible to Suppress SFDC Sync on Static List?

Hi Marisa,

You could add a step in your sync campaign that checks if the lead is part of this list and if so, it removes from flow, before the sync flow step.

It would look like this:


Lead is created (assuming this is what you trigger on)


- if member of list (list you want to suppress) --> remove from flow

- sync (and insert the rest of the flow actions here)

You could also use a choice on the sync flow step:

- choice1: if member of list --> (leave empty, ie, do nothing)

- default: sync

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Re: Possible to Suppress SFDC Sync on Static List?

Hey Marisa,

Alex is right, you can remove records prior to the sync to SFDC flow step, but be aware that if the Mkto program is synched to a SFDC campaign, then the records will be synched anyways if you update their program status. There are other flow steps that create an implied sync and the records get into SFDC, like change owner, create a task, etc. Check out this doc for more info: Implied Salesforce Actions - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

Also, I would caution this approach of changing the emails in SFDC later. Once you update them in SFDC, you will need to merge them all 1 by 1 with your newly created Mkto leads so that all activities are associated with one record. Depending on the size of the list, this can be quite time consuming.