Re: Personalise URLs based on lead country

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Personalise URLs based on lead country

Hello everyone,

I've had a look through old questions, but can't seen to find what I'm looking for.

We have one email that will need a different URL depending on the users country. At the moment, it looks like the best approach is to create the email 4 times and just update the URL. Surely there is a more intelligent way to do this?!

Thank you so much in advance!


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Re: Personalise URLs based on lead country

You have several options that are documented here on the nation:

  • Dynamic Content+Segment by Country for that module where you say Segment By Country and then 4 URLs and 4 Content items in the Asset. (accurate)
  • 4 emails as you said with 4 smart lists (accurate!)
  • "Coupon Field Method" where you create a field like "Coupon" and upload the URL or portion of URL that will be different. Then export smart list, update the Coupon column by Country, re-upload just Coupon+Email Address (assumes no dupes). Then place token in the location of the URL instead. (less accurate)

You do have to take time to setup any of these methods. I personally think the amount of work is effectively the same and you'd only save time in the future if you continue to run similar campaigns.