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Paid Video Subscription

Hi all,

I am looking to set up a Paid Video Subscription using PayPal, YouTube and Marketo.

A user would come to a landing page on our site, fill out a Marketo form and select one of three options for a video package:

  • Annual Subscription
  • Monthly Subscription for all three videos
  • Monthly Subscription for one video

Once the form is submitted, they would be directed to a PayPal form to complete payment.

Once payment is complete, a Marketo email with a link to a Marketo landing page with a form to access the video. I would like to have a field here with a code so they can access the correct subscription.

Challenge: I need to have the landing page expire based on which subscription the user selects and the date it is selected. For example, if they selected the monthly subscription, the link for the Marketo landing page should expire by December 31.

Any comments/feedback/solutions are appreciated!

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Re: Paid Video Subscription

Would suggest using a diff tool to do this.

However, if you were willing to put the coding in, you could add their Expiration Date and then have the page display nothing if their expiration date is before the current date. Suspect that could be hacked easily though.

I have also found that PayPal isn't the best at redirecting back to the correct page.

Marketo isn't capable of expiring links.

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Re: Paid Video Subscription

Thanks, Josh! Are you aware of different tools that you can recommend?