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Re: Opt-in field checkbox on Form

Hi @Dan, thanks again for your hints.

Unfortunately it didn´t work out for me at all.

First, when there is no "Opt in" field in the form, the old value (in my case: yes) does not get reset, so the campaign still runs. (BTW it is a boolean field in form of a checkbox, in case that matters). When the "optin" checkbox is on the form, it even runs when it is unchecked. So i tried removing the DVC filter and it worked. But because the old value does not get reset, the campaign still ran.

Then, the "Data Value Changed" filter was completely ignored, no matter if i set previous value, new value, or both.

Also, i set up the same visibility rule in the form having the date stamp, but the checkbox was still showing up for me even if i the field wasn´t empty in the system anymore.

So not sure what is messed up. I think i will have to set the campaign trigger for only those specific forms where the optin checkbox will be, otherwise it will just always run.

Will try to see if someone from support can have a call session with me. It is driving me crazy.

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Re: Opt-in field checkbox on Form

If I am reading this correctly, the Opt-In checkbox has to be visible at all times to accept the autofill value and trigger the visibility rule for the Opt-In language?
It was my understanding that I couldn't pull in a known person field data into a hidden field to dictate my visibility rule, in this case my hidden field was "opt-in date" based on your suggestion.

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