One-to-many Marketo Custom Object

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One-to-many Marketo Custom Object



I am trying to set-up a personalized email for our internal account executives about their loss opps. My dilemma is that there are multiple opportunity in one AE. An AE could have 6 accounts and I want to be able to put them all in one email rather than sending them individually and getting them spammed with emails. I can't figure out how to connect these data points all in one AE email since Marketo will dedupe email addresses. Does anyone have a thought of a workaround for this? Please help!


There are data points I want to include in the email for example this. 

Email Address Competitor Name(s) Customer Name Opportunity Name Deal Close Date Total Bookings (USD) Contact Name Contact Title Contact Email Test Customer1 opp1 4/29/20 $13,284 ContactName1 VP of IT contactEmail1 test3 Customer2 opp2 4/3/20 $2,700 ContactName2 CEO contactEmail2 test6 Customer3 opp3 4/14/20 $2,250 ContactName3 CTO contactEmail3 test7 Customer4 opp4 6/12/20 $2,400 ContactName4 VP Architecture contactEmail4 test6 Customer5 opp5 7/21/20 $8,000 ContactName5 VP Architecture contactEmail5


The email would look something like this 

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 10.51.29 AM.png

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Re: One-to-many Marketo Custom Object

Fundamentally, you need to use a Velocity ("Email Script") {{my.token}} to include multiple records from the Opportunity list in a single email.

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Re: One-to-many Marketo Custom Object

I have implemented the same scenario (Not for the opportunity but for B2C abandoned cart use case) 


I run the for each loop on my custom object using velocity script and pulled all the attributes values and displayed in the email:




#foreach( $object in $CustomObject)

#set($CustomerName= $object.CustomerName)

#set($OpportunityName= $object.OpportunityName)



PS: thanks to Sanford. He helped me in this as well 🙂

Harish Gupta