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One eBook, multiple campaigns

Let's say we have one eBook, with a download form we use in multiple places: on our website, in an email campaign, in a LinkedIn campaign, and a Twitter campaign.

Is there a way to use one form (with one URL) that we use in multiple places YET still be able to track the source of the download?

Or do we have to create multiple forms, each with a unique URL, for use in different campaigns in order to track where the lead came from?

Just trying to avoid the overhead of creating multiple Marketo forms for one eBook.

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Re: One eBook, multiple campaigns

Hi Robin,

My team does this currently.  We have just 1 ebook form for several different campaigns.  The trick is in the Smart List criteria:

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 1.14.43 PM.png

All of our campaigns use the 'eBook Request Form' + Web Page constraint.   (we have legacy pre-2.0 forms on our main site. not sure if it makes a difference)

If you need to set acquisition programs dynamically, you could add a 3rd layer to the trigger for 'Querystring'.

hope it helps!

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Re: One eBook, multiple campaigns

You should only need one Program per Asset.

Mark is right that you can do this. You can also use UTMs and hidden fields on the Form to count each channel you use. There are a lot of threads on this.

See Marketo Form Best PracticesMarketing Rockstar Guides

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Re: One eBook, multiple campaigns

What Josh Hill​ has described is exactly what we do and it works very well. It also gets pulled into GA reporting this way, which is helpful for a number of reasons.