Re: Old School Marketing Tactics?

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Old School Marketing Tactics?

At Marketing Nation Summit, we released a preview of Steve Lucas's new book, "Engage to Win." Part of this was a workbook for you to take a look at your own marketing tactics and to chart a new course forward.

We want to hear what you think! Each week, we're going to pose one of the questions from the workbook to discuss here. Take a look at Steve's most recent blog for some additional background.

This week's topic is: Using yesterday's marketing tactics actually hurts you. What tactics are you currently using that may be putting you in danger? What’s being done by default that desperately needs to be questioned?

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Re: Old School Marketing Tactics?

I think one tactic we still use that is pretty dated is engagement streams related to product. We plan to build our engagement streams based on the buyer's journey. Ex. If they aren't clicking trough/taking the next step in the buyer journey, we put them in a slower stream. If they're clicking only the bottom of the funnel content, we put them in another stream - or have Inside Sales follow up.

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Re: Old School Marketing Tactics?

We have product streams as well and have found success combining those more old-school streams with slower streams based on level of activity. We have great engagement with our product-specific streams, so this approach allows us to preserve that while being more responsive to where leads are in their buyer's journey.