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Nurture Stream by Job Title

Hey team! Nurture newbie here. I'm hoping someone can let me know if my logic is correct here. 


In the Nurture program we built, we want everyone in the Chemical Industry to get 3 "intro" type emails. After those three emails are delivered, we would like to segment by job title (finance, sales, pricing etc) to get an additional 3 emails that are more tailored to their job title.  Can this be done by stream (below) with transition rules or smart campaign? Or maybe I'm thinking about it completely wrong! Looking forward to hearing from some experts 🙂 Thank you in advance!




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Re: Nurture Stream by Job Title

I always recommend using Smart Campaigns here because you do have more control over of the transitions.  

Question:  Are you capturing Job Title (FYI - I do recommend that you use limited lists of values rather than freeform) before they go into the first stream?  Or are you capturing later in the process?

You can set up your Smart campaign to transition as a recurring batch with the criteria:


Member of Engagement Program is {Name of Program} Stream:  {Initial Stream}, Exhausted Content = true AND

Job Title = Pricing or Finance

Flow:  Use choices to place people into new streams based on job title.


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Re: Nurture Stream by Job Title

Thank you @Chris_Willis1 ! Yes we have the job titles BEFORE first stream.


Does your suggestion below ensure that they flow through stream one, THEN based on titles will move to stream pricing or finance based on the flow step selected? Sorry if I wasn't understanding correctly:) 


Essentially want everyone to get email 1-2-3 THEN either get email 4-5-6 or 7-8-9 depending  on their titles. And this is something that can be done with a smart campaign? Screenshot below if its helpful.