Nurture Program Best Practice/Tips For Tokens

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Nurture Program Best Practice/Tips For Tokens

Hello! I searched and was unable to find anything, we are creating a nurture program with about 5 emails in the stream. Does anyone have any best practices or a cheat sheet they use for which tokens to use for this scenario? We would like to build them into our foundation program to clone for future use. 


Thank you all in advance 🙂 

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Re: Nurture Program Best Practice/Tips For Tokens

With emails being the prime content of your Engagement program, you can probably use custom tokens extensively in your emails for all the dynamic/editable fields. Upon cloning this EP, all of your tokenized emails within the program will be cloned, and later you can go on and update the email content by updating the local custom tokens, reusing the tokens for common content in all emails e.g. date/program name/business unit, etc. will help you reduce your turn around time for the EP.

Hope this helps!

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