Not able to update image in LP through REST

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Not able to update image in LP through REST

Hi there,

I am trying to update an image in a landing page through REST API. My post request is successfully running but the image is not updating after approving the LP. Noticed Marketo is prepending the id element value with "mkto_gen_". Tried giving "mkto_gen_header-logo-image.json" but it is also not working as the value is prepending at runtime. Please refer the HTML defined below

REST Endpoint-


In LP template HTML is given as below

<div class="mktoImg" id="header-logo-image">

   <img src=".../images/10-yrs-experience-icon.png" alt="logo" class="lpimg">


But at runtime LP is generating below HTML

<div class="mktoImg mktoGen" id="mkto_gen_header-logo-image">

   <img src=".../images/10-yrs-experience-icon.png" alt="logo" class="lpimg" id="header-logo-image">


Could anyone please suggest any solution?


Avtar Singh

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