Lead Scoring & Campaign Reporting

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Lead Scoring & Campaign Reporting

I've been looking into implementing a lead scoring model whereby only leads that hit a score of 100 will be pushed into the CRM for follow up. All fine. However, we do all of our campaign reporting in Salesforce - so whenever someone fills out a form to download content, or attends an event (pre a score of 100) etc - we add them to a Salesforce campaign to measure success/attribution etc. This is quite important because it does also feed through into our opportunities. All leads are assigned to a central queue where a BD exec will assign people out based on territory, then depending on what their action was, a sales person would follow up accordingly (i.e. contact us form), or may not if it's just a content download. So, essentially, a sales person will have visibility of a lead very early on in their journey.

A few questions here:

Should I stop people from flowing through, when this system seems to be working quite well? I.e. do I need lead scoring?! There is an appetite to serve Business Development with better quality leads, so I feel like this answer needs to be yes. So..

How can I go about setting something like this up without fundamentally changing reporting? Could we perhaps leave them flowing through to Salesforce, and keep them in a 'queue' until that score is reached? 

All thoughts welcomed!

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