No native integration to Outreach? No Problem - use cases for integrating Marketo with Outreach

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No native integration to Outreach? No Problem - use cases for integrating Marketo with Outreach

Outreach recently announced the native integration of Hubspot to their platform. What about Marketo? There's benefits integrating Marketo and Outreach enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate marketing and sales efforts, drive efficiency, and achieve superior results.

Uses cases include:

  1. Streamlining lead nurturing: Marketo can trigger Outreach to assign the lead to the appropriate sales representative for further engagement, creating a prospect in Outreach for them to begin sequencing. This would cut out CRM and streamline the lead handoff process, reduces response times, and increases the likelihood of conversion. 

  2. Personalised sales engagement: The integration of Marketo and Outreach empowers sales representatives with valuable insights gathered by marketing teams. Information of each prospect's interests, pain points, and previous interactions can be used to deliver tailored communication across Outreach's channels.

  3. Closed-loop on sales and marketing reporting : Connecting Marketo to Outreach allows for complete visibility into the entire customer journey; Marketo capturing Marketing and campaign touchpoints, and Outreach recording subsequent sales interactions and outcomes. By combining this data, businesses can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, lead quality, and sales performance. 

  4. Automated campaign management: Marketo can trigger Outreach to initiate follow-up sequences based on predefined rules or specific prospect engagement. For example, if a lead opens an email but doesn't respond, Outreach can automatically schedule a phone call or send a personalised message through another channel. 

  5. Enhanced lead scoring: lead scores can be passed to Outreach, empowering sales representatives to focus their efforts on high-priority leads. By prioritising leads that demonstrate a higher likelihood of conversion, sales teams can focus their time and resources, resulting in increased efficiency and higher revenue generation.  Interactions or engagement in Outreach could then flow back into Marketo to enhancing scoring and prioritisation. 

iPaaS vendors like Vertify can connect Marketo to Outreach and some even have no-or-low code options for Marketo admins to create workflows to part achieve the use cases above.  Self-service flow steps (SSFS) empowers Marketo users and Marketing Operations to create interactions with Outreach at scale. Users can interact through flow steps within a Smart Campaign and store responses from Outreach within Marketo.


What's next?

Over the coming weeks I will add to this blog and document how-to's for each of the use cases using SSFS and the Marketo API. Watch this space!

Charlie Oakham - Marketing Automation Strategist
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