Negative triggers in lead scoring

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Negative triggers in lead scoring



We're currently running lead scoring in our Marketo instance and we're having an issue with positive/negative triggers to split out those who register for events and those who register for webinars.


In SFDC, our naming convention for webinars and events typically both contain the word 'Event' (e.g. Webinar Name_Event and Event Name_Event) and we record the member status' of 'Registered' and 'Attended' alike in both.


So, the issue we are having is that to attribute the correct score for those who attend a webinar is 'Added to SFDC Campaign' and as an option 'Campaign name' contains 'Webinar'... essentially a positive trigger. This is working fine as we can establish the people who uniquely register for webinars.


However, when we try to run the same for an Event campaign using the following logic...


'Added to SFDC campaign', Campaign 'not contains' 'webinar' Status 'is' 'Attended, Registered''s not working. So in theory it should find all campaigns in SFDC that do not contain the word 'Webinar' and then attribute any of those that have the member status' of either 'Attended' or 'Registered', however it doesn't do this.


Does anybody have any idea why this logic isn't working, and if so, how to go about this without changing our whole naming convention in SFDC?


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Beth Davies
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Re: Negative triggers in lead scoring

I wouldn't phrase it as "find all campaigns in SFDC that do not contain the word 'Webinar'" because as a trigger campaign, it's not actually finding anything at SFDC at all.


Rather, it's waiting for a event to be logged in Marketo and checking that specific event's point-in-time context.


That precision aside, there's no reason for one of your Smart Campaigns to work as expected while the other doesn't. Are you sure you don't have qualification rules set up that are preventing people from running through more than 1x? Can you see the exact Added to SFDC Campaign event in the Activity Log — the one you expect to trigger?