Need to add favicon to Marketo landing pages

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Need to add favicon to Marketo landing pages


We need to add our favicon on Marketo landing pages.

I found this article in the community which is helpful but bullet 3 is unclear to me.  Is it saying to specify favicon in the landing page template header in the design studio or individual landing pages in the Marketing Activities?



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Re: Need to add favicon to Marketo landing pages

Hi Niti,

You can add the <link> tag in the templates. This will enable you to set the favicon globally for all your instances. You can also add the tag to the custom HEAD HTML section of each LP. This has the advantage of enabling your users to set a different Favicon on each LP (which usually would be located in the Marketing Activities ). The difficulty is that they might forget to set them.

A third option, if you need flexibility would be to set a {{my.faviconURL}} token on each of you top level folders and add the default favicon path as a value for these tokens.

Then in the LP Templates, add the following line in the head:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="{{my.faviconURL}}" type="image/x-icon" >

<link rel="icon" href="{{my.faviconURL}}" type="image/x-icon" >

This will enable you set a different value on each program if you need to. This will not work if the LPs are stored in the design studio (which I strongly recommend not to do anyway).