Dynamic Date for Recurring Email

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Dynamic Date for Recurring Email


I'm trying to set up 2 programs that are going to run on a batch every month. In the emails, I need it to say a future month. In one it needs to say 1 month ahead of the current month and in the other, it needs to say 2 months ahead of the current month.

So If the email goes out in February I would need one email to have dynamic content that says "March" and the other would need to say "April."

If it goes out in November one needs to say "December" and one needs to say "January" etc. etc.

What is the best way to do this?

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Re: Dynamic Date for Recurring Email

Use a Velocity (Email Script) token to do this. This (seminal, I must say) guide to date/time math in Velocity will help: http://blog.teknkl.com/velocity-days-and-weeks/