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Munchkin Reporting Off Batch Campaigns


I'm looking to have a report run to track munchkin traffic on specific web pages after an email blast goes out. For example we have a batch send every week and we are looking to track those who do specific things like, add account, or register. These pages are munchkined so current I have smart lists built and after every send I look to see if anyone qualified for the list.

I'm looking to create some kind of report to run to automatically generate once the send goes out, is this possible?

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Re: Munchkin Reporting Off Batch Campaigns

Liz, please move the thread to Products​ as it's Marketo-specific (as opposed to a gen'l marketing topic).

If a Smart List subscription (which is relatively static, except for a sliding date window) doesn't work for you, I don't think there's a way to accomplish this.

There's no way to automatically create a report definition, as it would have to be based on the SL. Even the API is not yet up to the task (otherwise I would say you could kick off the report creation as part of your batch). If you changed the workflow so you cloned from a template Program, you could have a local Web Page Activity report, but when you're used sharing all assets across blasts this can be burdensome.

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Re: Munchkin Reporting Off Batch Campaigns

Liz, you might be interested in this discussion/idea - which sounds somewhat related to what you're asking in terms of automated, one-time reports:

How to create a scalable model for constant requests of email performance reports