Re: Multiple lead match lookup criteria

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Multiple lead match lookup criteria

Hi All,

We use the REST API to create leads. For a few leads , we get this erro r{"requestId":"19f3#164cb957098","result":[{"status":"skipped","reasons":[{"code":"1007","message":"Multiple lead match lookup criteria"}]}],"success":true}

On searching the email Id in Marketo Database option , we get two records for that email Id. Do we need to run any Merge Job from time to time to merge duplicate records??

I am not sure how Marketo functions , I have been tasked to integrate our form data capture to Marketo , so we used the REST API's to build this functionality. Below is the data features , we pass to Marketo for Push Lead API, where we have the Email as the LookUp Field , should we be passing any other data as well ??

  MarketoForm model = new MarketoForm


                        lookupField = "email",

                        programName = WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings["programName"],

                        source = "Webservice",

                        munchkinId = "Blanked OUT"                       


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Re: Multiple lead match lookup criteria

It looks like Salesforce is inserting data to Marketo , resulting in this confusion

Going forward , how should we deal with this error "skipped" on the API end , Any Pointers

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Re: Multiple lead match lookup criteria

Please provide the actual JSON payload, in full, you're sending to Push Lead. It doesn't make sense to look at a language-specific implementation.

Also, when posting code, highlight it using the Advanced Editor's syntax highlighter: