Re: Multi-Touch Attribution Time Frame Limit?

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Multi-Touch Attribution Time Frame Limit?

Hey Everyone,

      Would anyone happen to know if there is a time limit to how far back the Multi-Touch Attribution will count program success before it is considered not related to the opportunity?

Due to the nature of our product, our company tends to have repeat purchases and opportunities with the same customers over time and I was wondering what the time limits are to Multi-Touch attribution (assuming all requirements of Multi-Touch are met)? Meaning, if we have a program success in 2016 and an opportunity is created in 2018, will Marketo still apply Multi-Touch Attribution to a campaign success that happened two years in the past?

Also, what if there are multiple opportunities over time? For instance:

  • 2016 - Program A Success
  • 2017 - Opportunity A is Created and Won
  • 2018 - Program B Success
  • 2019 - Opportunity B is Created and Won

Will Opportunity B in 2019 still apply attribution to Program A from 2016 that already contributed to a won opportunity?

If this is the case, because Marketo applies credit evenly, it kind of seems like Program B will get less credit for influencing Opportunity B as it is diluted by old campaign successes that may have had no influence over the recent opportunity. Also, as campaign activity grows over time, the diluted effect will just compound.

I'm just trying to figure out the long-term affects of the multi-touch approach and there doesn't seem to be anything that talks about this aspect. Thanks!

- Jason

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Re: Multi-Touch Attribution Time Frame Limit?

There is no way to set a time frame limit on counting the program success. You could remove the person from the old program if you really wanted to, but not a great scalable way to manage this. I'd submit this as an Idea if I were you - I have thought about this before as well.

That being said, I haven't considered this multiple opportunities being closed-won before. I have always assumed that once an opp is closed-won, the multi-touch "resets" if you will.

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Re: Multi-Touch Attribution Time Frame Limit?

Well, it's rare that you would run a PM or PO report that would look back 3 or 4 years, so I very much doubt you will encounter this problem. When I did this by hand, my rule was a 9 month window from the touch. Your company may want a different window.

In the reports, you will only say something like "Show me Opps (MT) with touches in past 1 year." or Opps Created in X window of time.