MSI Tabs not all populating

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Re: MSI Tabs not all populating

Hey Gerard. Yes, we are using classic. I just switched an account over to lightening to take a look but same results. People that are scoring for web activity are showing no web activity in the tab.

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Re: MSI Tabs not all populating

Is this for both leads and contacts? We're having a similar issue with our Marketo-Salesforce sync in that our leads are getting the data, but once the lead is converted, the contact isn't maintaining that respective lead data. It's as if Marketo is moving too fast for Salesforce conversion so once the lead is converted to a contact, the Last Interesting Moment data is blank for a minute, and Marketo pulls in the blank data, and then syncs with Salesforce again, thus keeping the Last Interesting Moment fields blank.

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Re: MSI Tabs not all populating

This is a known Javascript issue with Marketo Sales Insight, particularly for Google Chrome. I reached out to Marketo support and they suggested we upgrade to the latest version of Sales Insight, which supposedly fixes this issue:

You can upgrade here:

Instructions for the upgrade process are noted here:

Stephanie Sweetland