MSI Best Bets

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MSI Best Bets

I was just researching some details about MSI for a relatively new Marketo instance integrated with SFDC and happened upon this screenshot in the product docs that I've never seen before:



In all the instances I recall seeing (and I have access to 3 at the moment), the "View" drop down didn't/doesn't exist and I've never seen "Best Bets" before. Can anyone shed any light on this? Is it a new feature? An old feature that isn't used? I'm not finding anything in the product docs about how to enable these features.


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Re: MSI Best Bets

Hello @Denise_Greenb10 ,

No that is not a new feature. The UI has just been reworked a bit.  Navigate to the MSI version in SFDC and you will see the MSI version from this picture will be a newer version compared to the two other MSI versions.


Thank you