MQL and Webhook

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MQL and Webhook

When someone becomes and MQL, can I update two fields (lead.status and lead.mql date) via a webhook to our CRM (not using sales force or microsoft dynamics)?

I have the webhook I've created and it works nicely for when a form is filled out but I'm not sure how... or if it will... work in this instance.

If I simply set the smart campaign flow to change the lead.status and lead.mql date and then call the webhook, will it update the lead in our CRM accordingly? Not super familiar with webhooks... or Marketo for that matter.

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: MQL and Webhook

Webhooks are Marketo's outbound API -- connections are made from Marketo to outside services in a Flow step-- but they may be used to update the outside service only, Marketo only, or update both sides.

So yes, you can easily call out to your CRM with lead tokens in the HTTP URL ("GET payload") or in the body of the HTTP request ("POST payload").

What your CRM does with the data you send it, though, is up to the CRM.  You'd need to work with your CRM vendor/integrator to see what kinds of payloads it can accept, what kind of authentication is necessary, etc.