MQL Alert Follow Up

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MQL Alert Follow Up

We currently have an operational smart campaign in place that immediately sends an alert to the person owner when someone MQLs. What we want to do now is send a series of follow up alerts if the person owner has not followed up with that MQL after 12 hours, 24 hours, and 36 hours. However, we need this to be M-F business hours only.

I can use advanced wait steps to ensure the follow up alerts are only sent M-F, but can't think of a way where it sends 12 hours after the previous alert.

Right now I have it set up as person MQLs -> Alert sends -> Wait 12 hours and wait must end M-F at 12pm -> If person owner hasn't responded Follow Up Alert -> Wait...etc.

With this logic follow up alerts will be sent after varying hours. For example, if someone MQLs at 4pm, then if the owner hasn't responded by 12pm the next day, they'll receive a follow up alert after only 5 business hours. Whereas someone who MQLs at 9am would be closer to that 12 hour alert if they had not followed up.

Anyone else set up an MQL alert system like this or have any idea how to accomplish this?

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Re: MQL Alert Follow Up

Faced with anything related to business-hours-aware alerts (and don't forget about holidays) I always turn to a webhook.

There may be an absurd combo of score fields used to count down hours, batches, and must-ends that you could try. But I wouldn't go there.