Re: Moving leads from one partition to the other

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Moving leads from one partition to the other

I'm using the change partition flow step to move people from one to the other. I have 3 partitions Default, A and B. A is shared with every workspace, Default isn't shared with A or B and B is shared with Default. I want to move leads who fill out a particular form from A to B. I am currently moving them to default then down to B but they are not appearing. When using change partition in A, the only option is A so I'm sharing a list to get them up to default. Any suggestions on how to make this work?

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Re: Moving leads from one partition to the other

Assuming your setup looks something like this:

Partitions: Default, A, B

Workspaces: Default (sees Default, A, B); A (sees only A); B (sees only B)


Are you performing the "Change Partition" in the default workspace, which sees all the partitions? If you're trying to move out of the A partition in the A workspace, that workspace doesn't see the other partitions, so there's nothing to move it to. 


If you have a workspace that sees all the partitions, are you able to successfully perform the "Change Partition" flow step there? Or, are you still experiencing the issue?