Moving from a Custom Sync via API to Native Sync

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Moving from a Custom Sync via API to Native Sync

Hi All,  Former Marketo Champion here (despite my new level/profile!) but this is something I have never come access or had to answer before so hopefully someone can provide some info etc.


Due to the business requirements we had and the 1:1 nature of the native sync with Salesforce we had to build a custom connector to sync using an integration layer.

 Custom Fields were all added and data was all loaded in etc and syncing with all the standard Marketo objects (and some custom ones) programs running etc but the ask now is to go back to the native connector (yay!).

The question I have is, as my gut feel is a clean instance would be better to sync to as everything will come down normally in an out of the box standard way -  if we disable our custom connector and then enable the native sync what are the gotchas do you think.    And any recommendations on this approach?


Thanks in advance!