_mkto_trk hidden field population issue

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Re: _mkto_trk hidden field population issue

Update: After some further testing it appears that the cookie value is only 'burned in' once and this on the initial munchkin load. The forms are non-marketo embedded forms, loaded in lightboxes. The munchkin script was running (once) on page load and not attaching the cookie ID value to the hidden _mkt_trk field. Thus we have two options available:

Option 1: Use responsive Marketo forms 2.0 adopting the same styling as the current page

Option 2: Use simple script that on form load, pulls the Munchkin ID from the cookie parameter and puts into the _mkt_trk field e.g.

var cookie_val = $.cookie("name");

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Re: _mkto_trk hidden field population issue

Yes, if your server is not going to reliably render the _mkto_trk cookie into the server response, then you'll need to extract it on the client and put it in the form.

The cookie value is never automatically extracted and added to a hidden field unless the form is a Marketo form.  Your form has to be built to use the cookie: Munchkin just creates the cookie, it doesn't place it into your custom HTML.