Missing documentation re: SFDC synching

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Missing documentation re: SFDC synching

In this document: Step 2 of 3: Create a Salesforce User for Marketo (Enterprise/Unlimited) - Marketo Docs

There is a link to something called Set Sharing Settings - these are guidelines to customize which Leads/Contacts you want to keep out of Marketo.  Unfortunately the link no longer works and search for the title of the document yields no results.

Does anyone have this document?

Does anyone know what settings are necessary to prevent any leads created in SFDC to NOT synch back to Marketo.


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Re: Missing documentation re: SFDC synching

You  can do a number of things.

  • Sharing Settings - just tell SFDC not to let the User see certain leads
  • which works better if you add a field called "Do Not Sync" or 'Sync" and set it to T and tell the User not to see those leads.