Marketo Lead Management App not Installed

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Marketo Lead Management App not Installed

As we were troubleshooting some synchronization issues, we discovered that the Marketo Lead Management app is not currently installed in our Salesforce instance.

None of the fields associated with the package exist in Salesforce either.

Interestingly though, Marketo is mapping to these fields as if they do exist (Lead Score) for example so it seems that the app must have been installed at some point and then removed.

The thing is records do synch to Salesforce and back even without the app installed.

My question is can we re-install the app without endangering our current data?  What steps will we need to do after the reinstall?  Anything special we should keep an eye out for?

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Re: Marketo Lead Management App not Installed

This is very weird.

I would ask Support for assistance.

I'd also go to Marketo Admin and turn off the sync, then reinstall Marketo on the SFDC side, then turn on the sync again.