Re: Missing Campaign Members and Activity History in SFDC?

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Missing Campaign Members and Activity History in SFDC?

Hello Marketo Community,

We're in the process of auditing membership between Marketo programs and their respective synced SFDC campaigns. We noticed that there were a reasonable number of Leads that were not synced in SFDC. So for example, in a webinar program, we saw about 20% of the members of the Marketo program were not members of the synced SFDC campaign. Weird...

Digging into the activity history of those missing members, we noticed that Marketo successfully recorded the date/time of when the prospect actually registered for the webinar. And for most of the missing/unsynced Leads, this activity was synced to the Lead record in SFDC as well. But we did find a case where a Lead in SFDC was missing the activity history as well. Very weird...

So now, I'm not confident that the sync between Marketo and SFDC is working the way that it should. Has anyone else seen similar errors in their campaign-to-program sync?

Thanks in advance for your input...

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Re: Missing Campaign Members and Activity History in SFDC?

Strange. You should contact support with the examples.

Did you notice any SFDC sync errors recently?

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Re: Missing Campaign Members and Activity History in SFDC?

Hey Josh,

Yah, I'll do that. Regarding errors...we were noticing slight differences between overall campaign numbers between SFDC and Marketo. We initially wrote it off as the differences you commonly see when reporting off of different platforms. The numbers may add up in each respective platform, but when compared to each other, they're sometimes slightly off.

Now that we've uncovered what could be a bigger issue, I'm beginning to wonder if these sync errors have been happening much more frequently than originally thought.

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Re: Missing Campaign Members and Activity History in SFDC?

Hi Eric,

If you observe slight differences, it might because some of the leads that are members of the program are not in salesforce. This happens when a lead cannot be inserted in salesforce because some mandatory information is missing. In standard, SFDC requires Last Name and Company Name, but it may happen that your SFDC admin has set other mandatory fields at database level.

The way to detect those is to look at members and specifically at the Lead.SFDC type field. If it's empty, then the lead is not in SFDC. Then you go to the activity log of that lead and look for SFDC sync attempts. The SFDC error will be visible on the activity detail.

A way to avoid this is to set default last name and company name in the admin -> salesforce section. But I do not recommend this as you do not necessarily want too many John Does, from ACME flowing to your SFDC.