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Measures to prevent accidental mass email send


Can you please share what preventive measures you currently have in place or would recommend, in order to prevent sending mass emails to the entire DB? I found and read the three articles below which contain great recommendations but I was wondering, what other best practices are used out there in the real world? How do you protect your contacts from human errors? Also, please share your experience with Email Programs too, not just campaigns. 

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Re: Measures to prevent accidental mass email send

Kristen, covers nearly 99.9% of all you can do, one extra step we have is we have QA process too, meaning once the Marketo user (any level) creates and finishes an email, the QA goes in and re-reviews everything and confirms everything matches the original request. They are the only person that can then press the send button too. This does add extra time onto the process but stops us sending out errors. Too many people these days are trigger happy, i.e. they just want to send and don't care about all the elements that go into a good communication.