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MCE Practice Exam

Does anyone know if Marketo still offers a practice exam for the MCE? I am looking to get re-certified and in the past, I used the practice exam to prepare. The only prep item I am finding now is a short list of sample questions (found here -- Marketo Certified Expert Exam Preparation ). Is the full practice test still being offered?



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Re: MCE Practice Exam

Nope! Not offered. You will have to go off that link you mentioned in your question.

You've got it though, it's only a little more challenging than the first version.

Good luck!

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Re: MCE Practice Exam

Hi Steve Schimmel ,

Marketo is not offering any Practice exam. To get an idea on type of questions, go through with Kristen Carmean  sample questions. Which will be useful.

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Re: MCE Practice Exam

I believe Kristen's post for MCE hints is Tips for the New MCE (Marketo Certified Expert) Exam

She has also done a 4 post blog series, which is unbelieveably detailed. It starts here: Sample Questions for MCE Exam: Admin & Operational