Maximum Criteria in a Smart List

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Maximum Criteria in a Smart List

My goal is to avoid sending marketing emails to any employee of a customer company.  I'd like to be able to create a Segement of "Customer Domain Excludes" and have the Smart List for the segment include "Email Address contains:" and list all the @domains for each of our existing customers.  The problem I am facing is that the Smar List criteria doesn't allow me to list thousands of domains.  

What is the limit to the Smart List Criteria, and is there a smarter way to accomplish the same thing?
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Re: Maximum Criteria in a Smart List

Hi Ryan, If you're using SFDC (or other CRM), you can create a field on Accounts called "type" with values: customer, prospect, lost deal. When this field is synced to Marketo, you can use it in smart lists (Type no equals to "Customer"). You can maintain this field manually or via workflow rule (let me know if you need any assist with the workflow).

I'm not familier with the smart list limitation, but we use the method above in smart lists and segmentations.