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You can add a Velocity token to your email that, within Preview Mode, will open the View As Web Page in a new window.

Of course, you have to be previewing in the context of a given lead, and the output will reflect that lead. Like JD says, the problem with previewing highly dynamic emails is that there isn't one HTML representation, there are unlimited possible representations.

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That would be something new for me. I have some time so maybe I go read about Velocity tokens. What we are trying to get to (like many on this forum it seems) is to export clicked links in an automated way to send to agents for follow up. I've read here a few different ideas but nothing seems to be the perfect solution. I saw another suggestion you had with BCC using an image hosting service but I'll have to read more on that.

Subscribing people to a smart list seems like it would get us 98% there, it's just the email preview problem to solve for...

Thanks for the input Sanford!

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Thanks everyone for your help! I'll research velocity tokens and let

everyone know if it works for my use-case.

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Hi Duane


Did you ever find a solution for this? 

I am trying to find a way of getting the list of "view online" URLs without needing to send me all the TEST and copy them from the different versions of the assets