Re: Marketo University Video update

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Marketo University Video update

I think the Marketo University videos are very slow and not so organizes in the portal. Does anyone else share the same thoughts or is ti just me? Can something done about it?

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Re: Marketo University Video update

Good Morning Srujan,

We migrated to the new LMS a few months ago and even our education team is relatively new. Most of the content currently hosted on the Marketo University learning portal are from a previous generation of developers, but we do have a road map to either add or redesign courses.

When you mentioned slow, are you speaking in regards to the pace the instructors speak? Our material is self-paced and allows our learners to breeze by familiar content and focus on new material if necessary. Also, besides the ability to search by keywords, our learning portal has courses organized by paths, date and categories such as certification, role, and product.


If you have ideas on how to organize these courses reply here and I can relay your ideas to our administrator.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions and feel free to get my attention using the @ Mention feature.