Marketo template? Or custom made?

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Marketo template? Or custom made?

Love this landing page for the upcoming roadshows!

Does anyone know if this is one of the new guided templates?

The Marketing Nation Roadshow 2015 - San Diego, CA -

Also, is anyone aware of a Marketo tutorial on how to set up that looping video in the background?

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Re: Marketo template? Or custom made?

I doubt it is a marketo guided template. Marketo usually has a web team that does other things that you wouldn't see in a landing page. is where most of their marketing LPs live.

Perhaps a staffer can tell you more about their video loop. I think that's shockwave or flash.

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Re: Marketo template? Or custom made?

It's a custom page written by our web team, but we have several example Guided templates that are very similar. It would probably be easy to reproduce with slight modification of our examples.

The video is implemented using a standard HTML 5 video element. If you specify a video like <video autoplay loop> it will loop automatically.