[Marketo Success] Building Channels To Track Your Success

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[Marketo Success] Building Channels To Track Your Success


Join Marketo Champion and Digital Pi consultant, Jessica Kao ( Jessica Kao), as she teaches you how to build effective Channels and easily customize them for your business.


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Re: [Marketo Success] Building Channels To Track Your Success

This is helpful for beginners. Was just wondering if you can provide some best practices in regards to using Email as a Program Channel and pushing that to Salesforce?

As a company scales up and sends more and more emails to prospects/customers, tracking the open, click, unsub as progression statuses in MKTO Programs / SFDC Campaigns can clog the view of the sales rep in SFDC, cause slow load times in visualforce pages in SFDC, and potentially show an email being clicked as an attribution event (when, for example, if you're using First Touch Methodology, the email open was pointing to an event which they registered for and later attended). It seems odd to give so much weight to an email when it is truly a vehicle to more meaningful interactions.

What are your thoughts? Would love healthy debate on this. Also I'm using Bizible for reporting attribution if that is helpful to know.

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Re: [Marketo Success] Building Channels To Track Your Success

Jackie Gragnola​  In Marketo, you can set the email channel as operational not to be included in reporting.  Typically if I am sending an email for a specific event for them to register or attend, I don't use the email program, i just use a smart campaign.  I reserve the email program (looks like a mailbox) for a/b testing cases.  If you want to use the email program to send emails for an event, you can make the channel operational from reporting.  You can also, choose not to sync that program over to SFDC campaign to not clog up the view and to not feed the data into FT.  That program will only sync to an SFDC campaign if you tell it to. 

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Re: [Marketo Success] Building Channels To Track Your Success

I've discovered in my inherited instance they have many previous hidden channels.


The company typically has an email campaign with 3 or 4 emails. (They previously executed their sends with a smart campaign.) The problem is reporting...sales would like to know the email (subject and CTA), who opened each email, who clicked on any link in each email, and if someone was converted to an MQL by clicking the CTA in any of the emails.

The channel they seem to be set on is "Email Blast":


What I see happening is that the "change data value" instruction in the campaign keeps switching the sent-opened-clicked because they are the same value, with each email send.

What is the proper way to set this up? First of all, should it be an email program (mailbox) and not a smart campaign? If it is an email program, does each email get its own progression campaigns and reports (and each synced to SFDC-not just synced at the top level)? Is it possible to roll all three emails in a campaign to one report for opens, clicks?

Should the channel's progression steps be changed to not be the same so a person cannot go backward?

Appreciate any help you can give!


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Re: [Marketo Success] Building Channels To Track Your Success

I wanted to share another awesome channels resource from Summit 2019: Abby Ryan​'s talk, "Time to Change the Channel and Increase Your Business Impact". Some really great insights into which channels to consider, how to set them up, and how to use them in reporting!
Adobe Summit 2019—The Digital Experience Conference | March 24–28, 2019