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Marketo Sales Insight Management

I have a pre-sales team that is becoming more eager and interested in using the Marketo Sales Insight tool from SFDC. While I want to empower this team to be successful, I also want to make sure that the emails they are sending out are being controlled, or at least monitored. I haven't seen a document outlining best practices or limitations with this, but it's possible that it's there and I missed it.

- How do you prevent an email that is published to MSI from being sent to the wrong contact (prospect vs customer), other than simply trusting your team to have the know-how to direct it to the right audience?

- What's the best way to get insight into how many emails they are sending out per day, especially since MSI doesn't count delivered emails, only opened and responded?

- It's my understanding that an email can only be sent through MSI to 200 records at a time. Is this still the case, and is there a daily limit?

- If the Marketo team sent an email to X prospect last week as part of a marketing campaign, is it possible that a sales rep could send the same email to the same person, if it's published to MSI? 

I'm curious about general complications that may be encountered in having a team separate from Marketo that is actively using MSI. Does anyone have any good resources for managing this? A lot of what I'm finding is more along the lines of "what is MSI?" or "how do I use it?" I'm looking for best practices in managing sales-marketing relationships as it relates to MSI.

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Re: Marketo Sales Insight Management

- Sales teams are sending emails through outlook or gmail and you have no visibility over those. I think trust is your best solution here! If an email is published to MSI, you don't have much control over restricting it. At least for now.

- Run a Sales Insight Email Report. If you need to see it by individuals, add a smart list to the report and filter by "Lead Owner."

- 200 is still the limit.

- If it's published to MSI, I don't see why not.

We've recently implemented MSI on our SFDC instance and my answers are based on a relatively short experience. Hope this helps

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Re: Marketo Sales Insight Management

Thanks, Hussam! Yes, this is helpful.

In regards to your first point, having a rep send an email through Outlook or Gmail is up to them and their sales managers. Marketo emails fall under me, though, and while trust is always preferred, it doesn't make for a great excuse when/if things go awry. It would be great if there were a few checks in place. I'm guessing that MSI doesn't watch for communication limits, either...? It sounds like creating a recurring report might best. Anyway, thanks for your insight. I appreciate it.

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Re: Marketo Sales Insight Management

Jeff, Hussam is correct.

If you are concerned about sales reps changing emails, you could instead have them add leads to Marketo Campaigns/Emails you control using the Campaign is Requested by Sales Insight trigger.

otherwise, just do a lot of training with Sales on the correct way to use your emails. See for a sales tutorial. It's on the top menu.

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