Marketo Report to show SFDC Follow Up

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Marketo Report to show SFDC Follow Up


We have some campaigns running and have pushed them into SFDC. Problem is that we do not have the permissions and cannot get the permissions for custom reporting to see what is happening with the campaigns other than what is shown in the Campaign statistics on the SFDC Campaign.

Is there a Smart List we can create to show that if Member is in SFDC Campaign, did the lead get looked at, or have activity/follow up against it. I understand that in SFDC we could create a custom report with last modified date on the contact/lead, but it seems we do not have that visability through Marketo, or I am not sure where to build it or look.

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Re: Marketo Report to show SFDC Follow Up

HI Tara,

The reason why you had no answer to your question yet is because you posted it in the wrong place. Community Help and Feedback is for suggestions and questions about the community site. You should move it to Products

You should manage all this through specific campaign member statuses that you could use also for filtering in smart lists.


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Re: Marketo Report to show SFDC Follow Up

Yes, Greg is right on.

You can also use owner (if you are assigning to queue's first, the owner being a seller is a good sign it is being reviewed), lead status, if the lead is a contact (depending on your scenario, if you deal with mostly net new leads then being converted to a contact is a good sign too).

Just more options to evaluate activities against leads.