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Marketo integration with Webex event

Hi All, we have a Marketo integration with Webex. However, I noticed that in the event section I cannot add any alternative hosts (even through we have an enterprise account). Is says 'An alternative host must have an account on this site' - and I do have the Webex account, but not sure what it means by 'this site'. This means that the only one person can host all of our Webex events. I am considering switching to Webex meeting since this way we would be able to add alternative hosts.

Does anyone knows if the Marketo-Webex integration would work with Webex Meeting rather than event?

Or how it would be possible to add an alternative host to the Webex event?

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Re: Marketo integration with Webex event

Hi Diana,

No webex meeting is not the solution

You do not need an alternative host.

You need to connect Marketo to webex through the launchpoint connector. This is done in admin-> Launchpoint. Look to the doc here: Add WebEx as a LaunchPoint Service - Marketo Docs - Product Docs


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Re: Marketo integration with Webex event

Hi Diana,

I echo Gregoire's comment. Webex Meetings is not the right solution for this, it needs to be Webex Event Center. The intergration with Marketo is only available with Webex Event Center.

To add an alternate host, you'll need to follow the webex instructions: Event Center FAQs | Cisco Cloud Collaboration Help Central

This is more of a Webex question, so if you're having more issues I recommend reaching out to your Webex Support Contacts.