Marketo form POST variable

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Marketo form POST variable


We're looking into a product called Kickfire to identify anonymous web traffic and get firmographic data appended to form fill outs. I added a script to our website footer and another script that captures form fill outs in the footer of Marketo landing pages that have a form. I thought they'd append their data directly in Marketo through a webhook but after talking to Kickfire support it seems it's a bit complicated. They now thought of a solution using the email address POST variable after a form fill out, the only problem is that we couldn't find what that variable was. Does anyone know how to get this from Marketo form fill outs?


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Re: Marketo form POST variable

Hi Arthur,

You will have to use Marketo forms 2.0 API to append fields and field values to a Marketo form. And it will take a JS developper, I am afraid.


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Re: Marketo form POST variable

The name is Email, case-sensitive.  (Note you don't call this a "POST variable" when it's on the form -- POST is an HTTP term that only applies to one method of sending data from client to server. It's an HTML form input name.)

Like Greg says, you need to hook the Forms 2.0 API events to use this field at the right time.  You don't use standard HTML events, nor standard HTML (DOM) queries -- and don't trust anybody who tells you otherwise to have actually tested in the real world.

For example, you could read the Email field after successful submission:



    // vals.Email is the email address here